comparison between sadapay and nayapay

In the previous articles, we have discussed the NayaPay and SadaPay respectively. If you haven’t read them, click here to read about the NayaPay and click here to read about the SadaPay. But in this blog we will compare both NayaPay and SadaPay and discover which one is best for use.

Easy SignupEasy Signup
In app verificationIn app verification
Provide debit cardProvide debit card
Free ATM withdrawals (1st 3 of every month)No free ATM withdrawals (0 of every month)
Provide MastercardProvide Visa card
Provide PayPak debit cardProvide PayPak debit card
Card is useable internationallyCard is useable internationally
Debit card is useable on international ATMsDebit card is useable on international ATMs
Receive international remittance (After opening business account)Receive international remittance (through famous platforms)
Monthly transaction limit is 400,000Monthly transaction limit is 400,000
Daily ATM withdrawal limit is 10,000Daily ATM withdrawal limit is 10,000
Daily purchase limit is 200,000Daily purchase limit is 200,000
Account activation is not instant (you have to wait in waiting list)Account activation is instant
Efficient customer supportEfficient customer support
Card is acceptable on Google PlayStore, Apple AppstoreCard is acceptable on Google PlayStore, Apple Appstore
Option to freeze card in case of loseOption to freeze card in case of lose
No in-app chatting optionProvide in-app chatting option
No bill splitting optionProvide bill splitting option
No annual maintenance chargesNo annual maintenance charges
No annual debit card chargesNo annual debit card charges
No paperwork for account creationNo paperwork for account creation
Safe to useSafe to use
App is easy to useApp is easy to use
The app provides limited featuresThe app provides a variety of features
Accept mobile top-upsAccept mobile top-ups
Pay utility bills through appPay utility bills through app
For every Pakistani citizen above 18For every Pakistani citizen above 18
comparison chart between SadaPay and NayaPay

So this is the comparison between NayaPay and SadaPay. Now its up to you to choose which one is better amongst NayaPay and SadaPay. But remember, this comparison is based on information provided by NayaPay and SadaPay and it may change in near future.

Hope this blog is helpful to you, if this blog helps you learn something new then feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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