How to connect a website with Google Analytics

how to connect your website with google analytics

A website is a digital asset of its owner, creator, and handler. Everyone wants his/her website to grow on the internet quickly. For this, he/she needs to improve the performance, speed, and retention of the website. Google Analytics will help you go through with all of these issues. You can measure the speed, geographical region, most searched pages, type of traffic, performance of web pages of your website by the help of Google Analytics. In this blog, we will discuss how to create an account on Google Analytics and how to connect your website with it.

How to make an account on Google Analytics?

To create an account on Google Analytics, go to the official website, or you can also click here. On the next page, click on Start Measuring. You will land on the account creation page. Type the name you want to choose for your account, then scroll down and click on Next.

create account on google analytics

Then type your property name (name of your website), choose your time zone according to your country. Also choose your account preferred currency. Currency option is used when you connect your Analytics account with AdSense account, so you can measure the earning and insights of your website with the Analytics too.

create a property in google analytics

Now choose the category of your website. Choose the right category so that Google Analytics will give you proper reports according to your website. Then choose the size of your business. Business size means number of users who are handling the website. If you are managing your website by yours own, then choose small.

analytics website type and size

Then choose the objectives to create an account on Google Analytics. You can choose objective between Generate Leads, Drive Online Sales, Raise Brand Awareness, Examine user Behavior, and Get Baseline Report, then click on create. You can choose only one from them, so choose wisely according to your requirement.

objectives for google analytics

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Now accept the terms and conditions and your account will be created. Now choose the platform of whom you want to collect data or connect with Google Analytics. You can choose between Web, Android App, and iOS App. You can also skip this step if you want to choose platform later.

start collecting data

Now, copy and paste the URL of your website and also type the name of your website. Also turn on the Enhanced Measurement button. Make sure your URL does nor contain https:// and starts with www. Then click on create stream.

create stream

How to connect Blogger website with Google Analytics

To connect your Blogger website with Google Analytics, go to the Web Stream Details page, and click on view tag instructions. Then a list of installing methods will appear, click on install manually because you cannot upload the file in the root directory of Blogger. Now copy the tag and paste it in the blogger.

installation instructions

To paste that code, go to Blogger, and open theme option. Hover your mouse at the arrow next to the customize button and click on Edit HTML. Paste that tag under the <head> section and save it. After the code updated, return back to analytics and wait confirm it.

blogger html code

Now wait for the 48 hours, and Google Analytics will attain your data, and provide your complete insight of your website including organic traffic, social traffic, direct traffic, geographical region, search keywords, and most searched web pages of your website.

How to connect WordPress website with Google Analytics

To connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics, go to the web stream details page. Then click on view tags instruction page. A list of code installation method will appear. You can paste the HTML code manually in the WordPress theme builder too but there are also other options available. Click on Install with website builder or CMS, and install the HTML code file. Now go to the WordPress, click on plugins, install a plugin named File Manager.

file manager to paste txt code

Active this plugin, and open it. Then create a new file and choose .txt format. Now upload the Analytics HTML code file in the file manager and wait for 48 hours and your website will automatically connect with Google Analytics.

upload html code in file manager for google analytics

Then you can measure the complete insight of your website including geographical region, visits in last 30 minutes, most search keywords of your website, organic visits, social visits, direct visits, and most visited web pages of your website.

In this way, you can connect your websites with Google Analytics to get proper insights about your website. Hope this article helps you to learn something new. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Stay connected for more informative blogs.

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