How to connect Hostinger Domain Name with Blogger

how to connect domain name with blogger

Everyone needs a website in this modern world. Having a website will allow you to grab an audience globally. Different programming languages like C++, JavaScript, HTML, Python, etc. are required to create a website. But there are many website builders by the help of which you can create a responsive website without any coding knowledge. Blogger is one of them. Blogger enables you to create a free website and also provides you with a free domain name for your website. But to reach a good audience, you need a proper domain name for your website. A domain extension will build the trust of a visitor on your website. In this blog, we will discuss how to connect a domain name with Blogger. We are going to connect the domain name that we have purchased from Hostinger. Click here to read the full process of purchasing a domain from Hostinger.

Add Domain Name with Blogger

To connect a domain name, you need to activate the purchased domain. Now go to the blogger and open the settings section. Scroll down and search for the Publishing section. The blog Address will contain the free domain name. To connect a custom domain name with Blogger, click on the Custom Domain option. Copy your domain name from the provider company and paste it in the Custom Domain option or you can also purchase one from Blogger if you have not bought one already. After adding a domain name, save it and update changes.

adding domain name in blogger.

Update the changes and go to the platform where you bought the domain name. Click on Domains, and search for that domain. Open its DNS/Nameservers section and delete all the previously created DNS records. We will delete them and create new ones. It is a very necessary step so make sure to follow it properly because if you make any mistake while creating or editing DNS/Nameservers, your domain will not work properly.

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remove DNS directories from hostinger

Adding new DNS Records

After deleting the previous DNS records, go to the Blogger and follow the instructions to verify your domain authority. Now return to the DNS directory page. Go to the Manage DNS Records, change the Type to CNAME, and copy the Name from Blogger (probably www). Then copy the Destination from the Blogger and paste it into the Target section. Make no changes with TTL and click on Add Record.

copy details from blogger
adding new dns record in hostinger

Now go to the Blogger, and repeat the same process by creating a CNAME type. Copy the Name and Destination from Blogger and paste them in place of the Name and Target respectively. After creating two DNS/Nameservers records, you are required to add 4 Google IPs in the DNS record for verification. You can find the link under the same pop-up on Blogger, or click here to reach the destination page.

IPs from google for blogger domain

To add these IPs, copy the first IP and go to the Manage DNS Records. Keep the type as A, and the name as @, and paste the copied IP at the Points To portion and click on Add Record. Do the same for the other 3 IPs too. Don’t make changes in Name and Type. Because of the same name, DNS may show you an error, ignore it and paste all the IPs with the same Name and Type.

adding IPs from google

Now return to Blogger and save it. After creating all the DNS/Nameserver records, wait for at least one hour for the one-on-one mapping of your domain. After a few times, your domain will be successfully linked with your Blogger website and will be live for all the users.

In this way, you can connect a Hostinger Domain Name with Blogger. Hope this article helps you to learn something new. If this article helps you to learn something new, feel free to share it with your friends and family. Stay connected for more informative blogs.

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