How to connect your website to Google Search Console

how to connect your website with google search console

The Internet is a collection of different web pages and websites. These websites contain different categories and unique content. There are 1.13 Billion websites in the world according to the reports of February 2023. When you search for something on the internet, Google appears several search results that are relevant to your search query. How is it possible for Google or any other search engine to scrap the internet and search these relevant queries for you? There is a complete mechanism working behind it, which works for search engines to reach every website on the internet. For this, we are going to discuss the working of Google Search Console.

In the blog, we are going to discuss the purpose and importance of Google Search Console for the SEO of a website. There are many important factors for the proper SEO of a website. Your website must contain unique and organic content. Your website has proper information and relevant keywords related to the topic. But the most important factor is Google must be aware of your website. For this purpose, we use Google Search Console because it is a platform that helps you index and links different pages of your website to Google.

Connect your website with Google Search Console?

To open an account on Google Search Console, go to Google and search the query or click here to sign up on Search Console. On this page, click on Start Now.

url of google search console

On the next step, you will see 2 options, Domain and URL Prefix. At the Domain section, you need to enter the URL address of your website without adding www to it. At URL Prefix, you can paste the entire URL of your website including www with it. After pasting your URL, click on continue.

welcome to google search console

After this, you need to complete your website ownership test. For this, you need to copy a HTML code and paste it under the <header> section of your website. You can also download and upload the HTML file there. After pasting the code, save the directory and click on verify. Your domain ownership will be verified once you paste the code on the right place. Then click on Go To the Property and your Search Console account will be created.

google search console ownership verified

Connect Google Search Console with the Blogger Website

If your blog is created on Blogger, and your Blogger account and Google Search Console account is on the same Gmail address, then your website ownership will be auto verified. And the verification method will be Affiliated Product. You don’t need to place any HTML code or tag to your website.

But if your Blogger account and Search Console Account are on different Gmail, then paste your website URL in the URL Prefix section. Copy the HTML code because you cannot upload HTML file on Blogger. After copying the HTML code, go to the Blogger Theme option and paste the code under the <head> section and save it. Then click on verify and if you paste the code on the right place, it will verify your ownership.

place search console code in blogger.

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Connect Google Search Console with WordPress Website

To connect your WordPress website with Search Console, copy your website URL, paste it on URL Prefix and continue. Then copy the HTML code to verify your website ownership. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on appearance, choose theme file editor and open it. Search for Header.php and paste that HTML code under the <head> section and save it.

connect wordpress website with google search console

After submitting the HTML code, return back to the Search Console and verify your Domain Ownership. If you entered the code on the right place, your ownership will be verified.

Some themes don’t allow you the access to the theme file, or it’s not easy to find out header section on those themes. For those themes, you can download head and foot plugin and paste that HTML code under the head section and save it. Then return back to Search Console and verify your domain ownership.

In this way, you can connect your Blogger and WordPress website with Google Search Console. Hope this blog helps you to learn something new. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Stay connected for more informative blogs.

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