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How to create game downloading website in blogger

Blogger is a website builder managed by Google. You can design any kind of website with the help of Blogger and monetize it. There are many paid and free templates to customize a Blogger website. Theme customization of Blogger is not easy like WordPress, but still, you can professionally customize your theme. You can create landing pages, LMS, Portfolio websites, blogs, E-Commerce, and many types of websites on Blogger with the help of ready-made templates. You can also create a game-downloading website on Blogger by downloading the theme from the upper download button. In this blog, we will discuss how to create a game-downloading website with the help of Blogger. We will use the Blogger Cryzen Free template to customize this website.

Create an account on Blogger with the help of your Gmail account. Create a name for your blog, also make a URL for your website. After creating a blog, go to the Theme section and click on the Customize button. Now choose the Restore option and upload the XML file that you have just downloaded from the upper download button.

theme restore option

Now it’s time to make a few posts before customizing the theme. Upload a few game links and a gaming banner. Go to the Ocean of Games website, and search for a game that you want to upload to your website. Copy the URL of that game downloading page, and make some changes to the image of that game with the help of Canva or any other editing software. Now upload a few games with different categories like War, Sports, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Racing, etc. After uploading a few posts, go to your website and check if all images of your games are seen on the home page.

Gaming Website theme customization

Now customize your website theme. First of all, you need to replace the default logo with your logo. To change the logo, go to the Layout option and click on the Header Logo. Replace the default logo by uploading the logo from your device.

Logo of blogger game downloading website

Now customize the Top Bar menu. You can add About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and other pages on the Top Bar menu. To add new pages in the Top-Bar menu, click on Add a New Item. Now click on Save and update the widget. Your Top Bar will be updated.

customization of top bar menu

Now customize the Top Bar Social Icon. Replace the default social links with your social media links. You can add new social icons by clicking on “Add a new item”. Make sure to paste the correct links because if someone wants to connect with you, he/she will connect through these links. Now change the mobile logo by editing the Mobile Logo Section. This logo will appear when someone opens your website on a mobile phone.

mobile logo

Now configure the main menu. You can customize the menu by adding the categories of your posts. Make sure to create different tags on your posts to differentiate the categories of your posts. Now go to the menu configuration section and rename the menu name or add a new item with the name of your category. Then copy the link of the tags, paste it on the menu, and save it. You can also make the drop-down menu if different subcategories are required.

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menu configuration of blogger game downloading theme

Now edit the sidebar section. You can edit the Follow Us section by replacing all the default social media links with your social links. Arrange the number of popular posts you want to appear on the sidebar of every post and the homepage. Other editable sections are the Latest Reviews, Subscribe Us, Comments, Main Tags, Search this Blog, Adsense, Attribution, Blog Archive, Label, Report Abuse, Pages, About Me, and Featured Post. You can edit or remove any section according to your needs.

Sidebar menu

Now edit the footer section. Edit the About Us section replace the default image with your logo, and also replace the description with your description. Also, edit the social section. You can remove this section too because you have pasted your social media links on the topbar and sidebar.

edit footer section

Now edit the footer menu. You can add different pages like About Us, Contact Us, Description, Privacy Policy, etc on the footer menu. Because the purpose of the Footer Menu is to add different important pages. After editing the footer menu, your website is ready to use and publish.

edit footer menu in blogger game downloading website

In this way, you can create a game downloadable website with the help of Blogger. Hope this article helps you to learn something new. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Stay connected for more informative articles.

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