How to purchase a domain from Hostinger

A website is the basic need of every business in this digital era. You need an effective website to grow and expand your business. An effective website will help your business to find new customers globally and locally. To create a website, you need to learn different coding languages like Python, Java, CSS, etc. Programing languages might be difficult for a new user. But there are many website builder on the internet through which you can create a website without having knowledge of coding. Blogger, WordPress, WIX, etc is one from them. You can create a good and responsive website through them. These website builders provides you a free domain name as well, but to make it attractive, you need to connect a catchy domain name with your website. You can get one from Hostinger.

In this blog, we will discuss how to select a catchy domain name and purchase it from Hostinger. To purchase a domain, go to the official website of Hostinger, or you can simply click here and you will land on the destination page. Click on Domain option at the top menu, next to log in page.

domain page of hostinger

How to buy a domain from Hostinger?

On that certain page, you will be able to search a perfect domain for your website which reflect your business. You can purchase a domain with the extension of .com, .net, .xyz, .shop, .online or whatever you want. Price of every domain will be mentioned next to it. You just need to write the name you want for your business and choose the extension if that domain is available. Make sure to purchase a domain which perfectly reflect your business or fulfill the purpose of your blog. You can also take help from “Generate Domain Using AI” option. Explain the requirement of your business and Hostinger AI will suggest you a perfect domain for your website and business.

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choosing domain name

Choose the domain which you you are looking for and click “Add to Cart” and you will be redirected to payment page. Create your account using your email address and password or you can also sign up using your Google account and Facebook account. After creating an account, choose the payment method through which you will pay the payment. You can choose Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, and Coingate. Then enter your name, phone number, country, state, city, street address, and zip code. After that, fill your payment details including name on debit card, debit card number, debit card expiry date, and CVC code. Then click on submit secure payment.

hostinger payment options

After this process, Hostinger will deduct the amount from your payment account and you will receive an invoice on your domain page and also on your email address. Now you can connect this domain name with your website builder domain and live it on internet.

This is the process of buying a reliable domain name for you website from Hostinger. Hope this article helps you to learn something new. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Stay connected for more informative blogs

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