What is FirstPay? Important information about FirstPay

important info about firstpay

HBL is the leading bank in Pakistan. HBL has grown its network globally. It has over 1,754 branches and 2281 ATMs globally. HBL has more than 34 million+ users globally. FirstPay is the microfinance service launched by HBL.

FirstPay becomes popular amongst users because of its affiliation with HBL. It is a positive addition to the series of microfinance banking in Pakistan. FirstPay is the most secure microfinance service because of its partnership with HBL.

How to create account on FirstPay?

Click here to join FirstPay, download its application from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Enter your phone number, enter the received OTP, enter your CNIC number, type your CNIC issue date, your city of residence, choose your mother name for the NADRA verification, create password for your FirstPay account and re-enter it. Your FirstPay account is ready to use. Your account limits will be too low after the creation of the account. To increase your daily, monthly, and yearly limits, you need to verify your FirstPay account.

How to verify FirstPay account?

To increase your FirstPay account limits, you need to verify your account. Download HBL MfB BVS application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the app, choose FirstPay wallet, enter your phone number and CNIC, enter the OTP. Now scan your left thumb and then scan you left thumb. Your FirstPay account limits and level will be upgraded.

How to order FirstPay debit card?

To order FirstPay debit card, click on debit cards, click on “Get One Now”, Choose name you want to mention on your card, choose delivery location whether your postal address or your nearby HBL branch. Type your address and click on review order. Your card fee will be 475 PKR. Click on order now and your order will be placed. You will receive your card within 15 days.

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Why to use FirstPay?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Trusted as its affiliation with HBL.
  2. Available for every Pakistani over 18.
  3. Provides debit card.
  4. PayPak debit card works in every ATM across the Pakistan.
  5. Provides loan.
  6. Instant account creation.
  7. Easy app interface.
  8. Provides referral comission.
  9. 100 PKR sign up bonus.
  10. ATM withdrawals are free across all the ATMs.

Why not to use FirstPay?

Here are the reasons:

  1. App contains a lot of bugs.
  2. Poor customer support.
  3. No free debit card.
  4. Account limits are low.
  5. ATM card is only used locally.

These the he cos and prons of FirstPay. Hope you like this blog, if you like this blog then feel free to share it with your friends.

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