What is NayaPay? Important knowledge about NayaPay!

nayapay! important info about sadapay

Digital banking has changed the concept of overall banking. Many people now loves to use and open bank account by staying at homes instead of visiting banks. Many banks provide this facility now a days that you can open account of your choice by staying at home without the worries of visiting bank branch. NayaPay is one from them.

NayaPay is an addition in the Microfinance banking. It is very popular because millions of new users joined NayaPay in 2022 and they sent money for over 3.7 million times only in the year 2022. NayaPay also provides Visa debit card which is acceptable internationally. You can receive international remittances into your NayaPay wallet directly through WISE, Remitly, Ria, ACE, and many other famous payment platforms. BoP (Bank of Punjab), Meezan Bank and many other are the partner banks of NayaPay.

How to create account on NayaPay?

Creating account on NayaPay is very easy and simple. Download NayaPay application through Google PlayStore or Apple App store. Open the NayaPay app and enter your First name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, Choose your sim service provider (Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor), Enter received OTP, Create your NayaPay ID and password. Then click on “Create Wallet” and enter you address, landmark, city, province, take a clear selfie of yours and your CNIC from back and front side, now wait for NADRA verification. Here all done.

How to order SadaPay debit card?

To order NayaPay debit card, click on “Card” button, choose physical card between Visa debit card and PayPak debit card. Price of Visa debit card is 795 PKR and PayPak debit card price is 1808 PKR. Choose any card and enter your address and nearest landmark and place order. You must have minimum required balance in your NayaPay wallet which will be deducted automatically. You will receive your card within 7 working days.

Fees and Charges of NayaPay:

Schedule of charges play an important role to understand whether if the network is providing you the best of its services or not? Here are the fees and charges of NayaPay. NayaPay has no signup or annual maintenance fee. Visa card charges are 795 PKR and PayPak debit card charges are 1808 PKR. Transaction from NayaPay to NayaPay is free. Transactions from NayaPay to other banks are free under 25000 PKR. Transaction fee is 0.1% of every transaction above 25000 PKR.

International card transaction fee is 0.25 USD. ATM withdrawal charges are 23.44 at every ATM machine. ATM Withdrawal charges on international ATM is 200 PKR. In-app biometric fees is 99 PKR. Balance inquiry on every Pakistani ATM is 3.13 PKR. Balance inquiry on every International ATM is 150 PKR.

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Why to use NayaPay?

Here are the reasons why you should use SadaPay:

  1. SadaPay interface is easy to use.
  2. Provide you in-app chatting interface like WhatsApp.
  3. Provide you debit card.
  4. You can use NayaPay internationally.
  5. Receive international remittance.
  6. Monthly transaction limit is 4,000,00.
  7. Debit card is acceptable internationally.
  8. You can send and receive international remittance using NayaPay debit card.
  9. Debit card withdrawal available on all the 1Link ATM machines across Pakistan.
  10. Visa debit card can be used on international ATM machines.
  11. Customer support is effective.
  12. No annual charges.
  13. Signup is free.

Why not to use NayaPay?

Here are the reasons to not to use NayaPay:

  1. No free ATM withdrawals.
  2. No free Debit cards.
  3. Daily ATM withdrawal limit is just 10,000 PKR.
  4. Monthly deposit limit is just 400,000 PKR.

So these are the cos and prons of NayaPay. If you like this blog then feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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