What is SadaPay? Important information about SadaPay?

SadaPay! important info about SadaPay

Internet banking is very popular these days. People love to purchase things digitally. People also love to store their financial assets digital. It become more easy after the invention of Microfinance Banking system. To provide best internet banking, every bank have launched its own Microfinance Banking application. SadaPay is an innovative step in the field of Microfinance Banking.

What is SadaPay?

SadaPay is now one of the famous digital banking application in Pakistan. You can imagine its popularity by the stats that around 2 million people joined SadaPay in 2022 and they saved around 920,000,000 PKR in SadaPay. Reason behind the popularity of SadaPay is that SadaPay provide you both physical and virtual debit card. Many people joined SadaPay because of its free debit card. SadaPay have provided free Mastercard to its users but you have to pay a fees of 700 PKR to order SadaPay PayPak debit card.

How to create an account on SadaPay?

Creating account on SadaPay is very simple. You just need to download SadaPay application from Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore. Then provide your phone number and email address, enter the received OTP, create a 5 digits PIN for your account and repeat it, and your SadaPay account will be on waiting list.

You have to wait for your number or you can also surpass this waiting list by referring your 10 friends or by asking for golden ticket from any existing SadaPay user. You can also contact me through my social media for SadaPay golden ticket.

After completing this step, you will receive an email from SadaPay on your email address download SadaPay application from the link in the email and uninstall the previous one. Then enter your phone number, enter the received OTP, enter same name as mentioned on your CNIC, enter your email. After providing these information, take snaps of your CNIC from both sides, take your clear selfie, enter CNIC number, CNIC issue date, city of birth, mother’s first name for the NADRA verification. Then SadaPay team will verify your information from NADRA database. It may take up to 24 hours.

How to order SadaPay free Mastercard?

To order your SadaPay free Mastercard, click on my card, click on physical card, click on “choose a card network”. SadaPay Mastercard is free and SadaPay PayPak debit card fees is 700 PKR. Choose anyone from them, choose your city, area, address, and click on continue. You will receive your card within 3 working days on your address.

Fees and charges of SadaPay

Lets discuss about the schedule of charges of SadaPay. Because reliability of any banking system is based on its schedule of charges. SadaPay provides you hustle free banking including no cash withdrawal fee on 1st 3 ATM withdrawals of every month. SadaPay charged almost 23.44 rupees on the rest of ATM withdrawals of the month. There is no annual maintenance fees of SadaPay nor SadaPay Mastercard annual charges. No money transfer fee nor any fee on paying utility bills.

For international transactions, SadaPay provides best USD exchange rate. SadaPay charged 3.5% on every international transaction. You can also use SadaPay application in abroad on overseas phone number.

Why to use SadaPay?

Now lets discuss why to use SadaPay.

  1. SadaPay provides you affective customer support 24/7. You can discuss your queries with SadaPay team with in app support system or you can also contact SadaPay support on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. SadaPay provides you free Mastercard which you can use internationally.
  3. SadaPay provides hustle free internet banking and it is better than other local digital wallets.
  4. SadaPay debit cards are used on every ATM across the country.
  5. SadaPay provides best USD exchange rate.
  6. No debit card annual fee
  7. No annual maintenance fee
  8. Free money transaction

Why not to use SadaPay?

  1. SadaPay daily ATM withdrawal limit is only 10000 PKR which is too low.
  2. Monthly sending and receiving limit in only 200000 PKR which is too low.
  3. SadaPay app sometimes do not work properly.

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